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How to Harness Instagram TV

This is an icon of a TV representing Instagram TV

Instagram TV – What does this mean for your Business?

At this point, most of us are familiar with Instagram, the social media sharing platform that has recently grown to over one billion total users. It serves as a great touch point for all types of businesses to share photos and updates with their customers.

Recently Instagram has released its newest endeavor, Instagram TV, or IGTV. Most speculate that this product will be a direct competitor to Alphabet Corporation’s video-sharing platform YouTube, which at this point in time has people watching billions of hours of video content per day. This new platform will allow for people to watch long form video, similar to YouTube, created by their favorite content creators and friends that they follow. Normally on Instagram people could only share video content up to a minute long, but now this platform allows for an up to an hour of content.

What does Instagram hope to accomplish with this new platform? We believe that Instagram is eventually going to allow this platform to host video advertising for its customers. The difference between advertising between these two platforms will most certainly be price. Once Instagram TV has gained enough of a following, prices will mostly likely be the same as YouTube, if not slightly less in order to target a lower income demographic.

So how does this impact you as a business? If you have a loyal following on Instagram, this can serve as a way to share videos that are longer than a minute instead of sharing a YouTube link. If you have a slightly larger advertising budget, and assuming Instagram TV will allow for advertising, you’ll have the ability to reach an even larger audience than before with Instagram TV.

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