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Snapchat wasted no time in making its presence known after it burst onto the scene and according to SocialTimes, Snapchat has now become the fastest growing social network out there. Since it is estimated that only 2% of businesses currently use Snapchat, it offers the opportunity to rise above the clutter and communicate with the target market you are interested in reaching. For this reason, some of the more opportunistic and forward-thinking businesses have since recognized the potential benefits of adding it to their social media repertoire due to the ability to reach its younger-aged and growing user base (71% of Snapchat users are between the ages of 18-34).

How It Works

Snapchat is a medium in which pictures and videos can be sent to other users with the application. You can also add consumers back that follow you on Snapchat, allowing you access to directly reach them with snaps that inform them of important updates or special deals that your company is offering. Users have the option of sending their pictures or videos to two different locations. Users can send a picture to a single or group of friends anywhere between 1-10 seconds, before the content disappears. The other option is to add your content to a feature called Snap Stories. Content can be continually added to this feature and is viewable by all accepted followers on the app. Stories last for 24 hours after being posted before disappearing. The “live-time” feel of Snapchat functions gives brands different kinds of possibilities to share with their consumers. Early adopters of the medium have seen success through increased engagement and strengthening brand loyalty.

Strategies For Creating Snapchat Content

The most important thing to consider is that content should be tailored toward Snapchat specifically, due to the very different nature of the medium compared to others such as Facebook and Twitter. The disappearing nature of content leads some to believe it isn’t worth the time investment, but consider this: the fact it disappears means you have your consumer’s undivided attention when they view it. The limited time window also creates a sense of urgency and excitement when executed properly. Creating easy to digest, live-time and relevant content is the recipe for Snapchat success.

One of the biggest selling points of Snapchat is the ability to really show off the human side of your brand. It offers an excellent opportunity to allow followers behind-the-scenes access of live events your company is putting on or participating in, showing a different side of your company that most people don’t generally get to see. This can be particularly valuable if most of your consumer base is from the same local area the event is taking place, reminding them why they should join you at the event. The behind-the-scenes glimpses will also differentiate you from competitors as consumers become increasingly familiar with the personalities of the people behind your business.

Snapchat offers unique promotional opportunities to your followers. Here are three ideas that could get your business running on Snapchat:

  1. Create a contest that urges followers to post a photo or video using your product. You post the best ones on your business’ Snap Story and other social media outlets. Consumers feel valued when you interact and feature the content they create for you. This can also be turned into multi-day scavenger hunts with a different call-to-action each day, drumming up awareness of the promotional campaign your company is launching and offering prizes and discounts to the most committed consumers that interact with the campaign.
  2. Another is to begin offering compelling content through Snapchat and then re-directing consumers to your website to continue viewing the content. This will drive traffic to the area you really want consumers to go. This might involve a teasing glimpse of a new product or offer that your company is ready to roll out, creating an element of suspense.
  3. Lastly, businesses can use Snapchat to show their product being in use. It can act as an entertaining advertisement that is free to produce and exclusively reaches people relevant to your target market. You can also post tutorial videos for your product, demonstrating how to use it and why it provides value to your Snapchat followers.

How Do I Get Started?

Start by re-directing followers from your other social media accounts to your new Snapchat handle, communicating the types of content you’ll be producing and explaining the benefits of adding your company on Snapchat. You can also gain followers by creating a giveaway, inviting your Snapchat community to have their friends start following you and sending a snap that includes the username of the person who referred them. The person who referred the most people would win some sort of prize, and the reward for your business is a large group of new followers to begin engaging with!

Snapchat is a fantastic medium for differentiating your brand and encouraging consumer engagement. Contact Dan Buendo today at 413-525-3247 x102 for assistance with creating, growing and maintaining your social media marketing.

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