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Social Media is a wonderful tool to share opinions and spread information, but it also provides an additional outlet for advertisers to reach and interact with their target market. One of the most versatile options happens to be Facebook. You can customize the structure of the ad campaign based off of what you are specifically trying to achieve. There are many ways your company can take advantage of this relatively new opportunity, and there are several different platforms in the social media landscape to choose from based off your goal(s) for the ad campaign.


Facebook knows a significant amount about its users from the information they provide and the pages they like, which helps advertisers pinpoint the types of people they want to reach. Facebook has an option to create an ad based around a specific objective such as promoting a page, boosting a post, getting video views, and more. The payment structure Facebook uses is cost-per-click, meaning you will pay as your content generates clicks that lead to a website visit, video view, or other desirable action.


One of the most simple and effective ways to ensure your Facebook ad campaign is successful is to boost posts after they are published. Boosting a post refers to the process of paying Facebook to promote the post to users you are interested in targeting. You can set your budget for any amount desired, and it will subsequently adjust the number of users the post will reach. The best times to consider boosting a post are if you have a special offer or event, advertise your business to a different audience you are trying to reach, or simply want to increase exposure of your page and brand. It is also programmed to show ads that quickly achieve success more often than those that fail to gain traction, so boosting a post can help ensure your content reaches users that may be interested in your business.

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