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With the arrival of new digital media, print advertising is not dead quite yet. Anything on printed on paper, like newspapers, newsletters, direct mail, or anything that can be considered a portable medium, falls under the category of print advertising. At Envision Marketing Group, we can create a print advertising campaign that will reach your customers no matter where they are.

Here are a few tips about how you can take full advantage of print advertising:


If you cannot afford a large ad space in a newspaper, you may feel the need to cram all of your information into a tiny space that makes it difficult for readers to understand. Most of today’s print advertisements have every inch filled with content, and in reality, simple is actually better. Advertisements do not have to be sophisticated to be efficient. By using clean lines, eye-pleasing pictures, and straightforward text, your readers will not feel overwhelmed.

Catchy Slogans

Have you ever noticed that certain slogans will stick with you after you read them? If you want brand recognition like that, using a slogan is an easy way to get your name out into the world. The art of creating a great slogan can take time, but it should typically be short, use simple language, and relate to the product or company. You should especially use a slogan if you have something that makes you different from others, whether it’s a product, unique culture, or service you offer.


Small businesses and direct marketers still use testimonials because of the power they can have on prospective customers. Great recommendations from a customer or client can reach your target audience, because if a future customer reads a testimonial from someone like them, they become confident that your business could help them.

Details, details, details

From photography down to the typography, it is important to utilize each piece of your print advertising to get your message across in an efficient way. Include a headline that will benefit your reader and intrigue them to check out the rest of your ad. Make your logo visible at a long distance, and when it comes to typography, use typefaces that are common to people.

Print advertising is a great way to reach your audience when they are on the go because there are newspaper stands on corners, billboards by the highways, and mail delivered to their house almost every day.

Want to use print advertising but not sure how? Let Envision Marketing Group help! We can design bold and eye-catching print advertising for your business that will make you the envy of the marketplace. Call us at (413) 525-6661 x 135 for a free marketing analysis.

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