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Your company’s logo may be more important than you think. Your logo is the visual representation of your company’s brand, and along with your name, is what makes your business memorable (or not). Your logo should establish a sense of trust with your customers and work with the company, not against it.

Does your logo match your company or could it use a new look? Here is a list of three signs that it’s time for a change.

1. Your Logo Is Outdated –
Have you ever visited a website of a company that feels old and obsolete? This is the last thing you want people to feel when they look at your logo. If your logo looks or feels old, it might give your customers the impression that you are out of touch. Something that was modern and interesting 10 years ago might have lost that flair in recent years. Trends go out of style (just look at mullets and parachute pants) and sometimes you just need a new look.

An example of a company that modernized their logo is Starbucks:

Before:  After:

2. It Is Out Of Sync With Your Company’s Positioning –
At some point all companies transform into something different than what they started as. For example, say you own a salsa company and you start out as a novelty brand with a jalapeño cartoon as your logo. This might work for you at the beginning, however, as your business grows and you rebrand yourself as a local, organic based company, your logo would need an update. The cartoon jalapeño would need to change into something healthier with a more serious attitude to be consistent with your new brand. Whether you are product or service based company it is important for your logo to match your niche, and as your business changes so should your logo.

An example of a redesign after a positioning change is CVS as they transformed from “CVS Caremark Corporation” into “CVS Health” in 2014. For this rebrand CVS dropped all tobacco products from their stores and re-branded themselves to “Help people on the path for better health.” Along with this rebrand they created a new logo to coincide with their new identity:

Before:  After:

3. Your Logo Is Too Busy or Too Simple –
Your company is most likely not on the same brand recognition level as Nike and Target. These companies take clean and simple to an extreme with their logos. Your logo should give some context to what you do and give enough detail to be recognizable. On the other hand, your logo should not be too busy. Simple is easier on the eye, and with an intricate logo, people might be turned off when looking at it. A professional graphic designer can help you find a good middle ground where you company logo is simple, recognizable, and gives context to your business.

Here is a good example of one that is simple, modern, and recognizable done by one of our in-house graphic designers for Heartsong Yoga:


Your logo is the visual representation of your company, and will not only be shown on all of your promotional materials, such as business cards and letterheads, but is also on your website and all of your social media. Is it time for an update?

If your current logo falls under any of these indicators it is probably time for a redesign. Envision Marketing Group can work with you to create an updated logo that matches the look and feel of your company. Visit our graphic design portfolio HERE to see what our graphic designers are capable of!

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