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Is Your Outdated Website Hurting Your Business?

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Eight Reasons to Keep your Website Up-To-Date:

1.) First Impressions Only Happen Once

Your website is the billboard of your business, the first time a potential customer visits your site is the one time decision to do business with you. Visual and updated content and images is crucial, and updating your website is vital.

2.) Security

We live in a world of technology which makes information easily accessible. Protect your website, email, business information, and customer information by staying up-to date with the latest security software for your website.

3.) Content-Keep it Clear and Concise

Does your website drive action? There needs to be a CLEAR call to action.
Reduce the number of clicks people take when coming to your site.
If you can’t convert people right away, you’ll lose them

4.) Ditch the stock photos – It’s time for you to shine!

  • Clients want to get to know YOU & SEE your products!
  • Consumers like to research you before making a purchase – regardless of who your client base is, high quality, professional photos contribute to your overall branding & success
  • Optimized photos can help your website’s SEO

5.) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Does your business come up on a Google Search? It’s important to stat up-to-date with your competitors and industry trends. SEO will keep your website top-of-mind with potential customers and get you ranked higher in a Google search helping your business stay successful.

6.) User-Friendly Navigation

The majority of visitors use their mobile phones or tablets when navigating your website. Make sure your website is optimized, user-friendly and easily accessible with a touch of a finger to not have visitors leave your site.

7.) Look the Part

Make sure the look and feel of your website matches your brand. Good user Experience is as Follows:

  1. Desirable: Image, identity, brand, and other design elements are used to evoke emotion and appreciation.
  2. Findable: Content needs to be navigable and locatable onsite and offsite.
  3. Accessible: Content needs to be accessible to people with disabilities.

8.) Load Time

It goes back to user-experience. All users should come to your website within seconds and get to information easily. Make sure you work with a company that can offer efficient and secured website server with fast speed times.


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