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Multi-Language Video Production

Our latest video project was a challenging one! For this video, we worked with Amherst Public Schools on a video for their dual language program at Fort River School in Amherst. This video was particularly formidable because for each interview and comment made by the administrators, teachers, and students; there needed to be a translation for the subtitles.

In order to make the video easily accessible and digestible for both English and Spanish speakers, every time someone was speaking English, there needed to be a Spanish subtitle and vice versa. Our videographer/editor Zach is an English speaker. So the Spanish-speaking interviews, needed to be combed through and translated before fitting into the video. We would like to thank the Amherst Public Schools team for helping us translate accurately to text.

In the end, the final video was exactly what we had hoped for. It perfectly encapsulates the Caminantes program and the client was extremely happy with it. We were able to aptly weave in English and Spanish voices to showcase exactly what this program is trying to accomplish with their young students. Watch the videos below!




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