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Facebook is a great resource for businesses to reach their customers. As a business, however, it can pose a problem when you are looking to expand your customer base. Boosting a post optimizes your post by showing it to a specific target audience that doesn’t consist of your current Facebook followers. The option to Boost is only for regular Facebook posts, not ads. After creating a post on your company’s page, you can then select your target audience by location, age, sex, and interests. After selecting a budget and the duration of time for which to boost this post, Facebook then does all the optimization work. It’s a great way to promote any news about your company, to advertise offers or specials, promote an event, or to increase your reach.

Boosting is a quick and easy way to increase exposure of your post and drive people to your company’s page. Need help deciding when to Boost? Envision Marketing Group can help you with this and all of your social media marketing needs.

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