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The Importance of Reviews for Your Brand

The majority of people read online reviews before visiting a business or making a purchase.

How important are reviews to your customers and potential customers? VERY IMPORTANT! Reviews have changed the way people shop for everything today. From clothing to dental services, it’s rare that people blindly make a purchase decision without reading through online reviews.

If you aren’t asking your customers to leave you a review, you’re missing out on valuable content. Here are some things to be aware of when it comes to reviews:

A Well-Reviewed Business Has Instant Clout

When you earn a review rating of 4+ stars out of 5, you automatically appear as a reliable and credible business to a potential customer, whether they’ve engaged with your business in the past or not. In certain cases, even having a star rating of 3+ will suffice compared to a business listed on Google with zero reviews. Today, people want to know what to expect before they call a business or walk through its doors.

They Help with SEO and Rankings

Google Reviews can help improve search rankings and SEO. Online reviews send a signal to Google that your brand is trustworthy and professional. When consumers see positive reviews and ratings on Google, they’re more likely to trust your brand.

They Give You A Line of Communication with Consumers

Engaging with reviews is one of the most effective ways of claiming your own little corner of Google. Today when consumers leave reviews, they expect the company to respond. We recommend you respond to all reviews (good & bad) that land on your page. Taking the time to respond shows you care about your customer’s feedback and how you can improve.

Reviews Can Play a Big Role in How You’re Viewed

Gone are the days of word-of-mouth being the way a local business earns its reputation. Sure, if you ask a local what their favorite coffee shop is or the name of an honest mechanic, you’ll more than likely receive a great suggestion. However, many of us don’t do that. Instead, we Google it.

There are a number of ways you can start to gather more reviews. You can add a link to your Google listing on your website, send out email reminders, or follow up with a phone call. We also offer reputation management services to help you gather you the reviews you deserve. Contact us to learn more.

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