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Six Reasons Your Brand Needs A Blog

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Are you frequently adding new content to your website? If not, your site may not be getting the eyes on it that it could be.

Blogs are so 10 years ago, right? Today, we enjoy the concise communications of social media and if anyone has any questions, they can just ask. While that line of thinking is certainly modern, it can be short-sighted if that’s the only strategy you rely on when communicating to your audience.

The truth is, clients and customers are still looking for the longer, more insightful form of communication that blogs bring to the table. Google likes this form of communication as well–the more you update your website, the more it can help your SEO (search engine optimization) and search rankings. We wanted to explore what a blog can do for your brand. You might be surprised by how much a workhorse that section of your website could be if you gave it the attention it deserved.

Blogs Create Community

When your brand is steeped in a rich community, its marketing begins to find its own source of momentum. To put it simply, the less you have to push your brand, the better you are for it. A self-powered message comes organically, engages deeper, and best of all, costs you almost nothing.

Beyond that, a community creates advocates. Brand advocates are the customers and clients that don’t just return to you, again and again, they do the leg work of bringing others into the fold. A blog is a perfect space to build these relationships.

Blogs Build Authority

Whether you sell a product or a service, much of its appeal comes from your “authority” on what you’re selling. Would you buy a new car from a salesperson that made it clear they didn’t know anything about cars? You would probably look elsewhere, right?

A blog where you post on the industry topics relevant to your product and service builds your authority on that subject matter. The more your customers trust your expertise, the more willing they’ll be to shop with you. Plus, you should be excited to talk about the industry that you think about constantly; why not share that excitement with your customers?

Blogs Increase Traffic

Traffic to your site can grow stale if your webpage never changes. It’s easy for a business website to stay the same for years if nothing changes. However, adding a blog component means it changes constantly, and changes in an exciting way for your customers.

A regularly updated blog keeps your page fresh and directly drives traffic by constantly engaging with your audience. Why would people revisit your roofing company website after all is said and done? Maybe because you’re well-known for posting engaging blog posts about the roofing industry or tips for long-term care! A thoughtful blog section gets your customers excited about your website and turns it into a destination rather than a digital brochure.

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Blogs Structure Your Strategy

You wouldn’t be in business if your model was so simple that anyone could do it. Sure, you might present it simply for the benefit of your clients and/or customers, but the secret ingredient is in the thought and hard work you put into making it look simple.

With that said, how do you convey all this to interested customers? Do you keep the secret ingredients to your success under wraps, or do you flout them and get your customers excited in the process? Whatever you do, your blog can convey your process (as much of or as little as you want) while cultivating a sense of excitement. Organizing your thoughts and your strategy to tell a story can be very interesting to your customers.

Blogs Help You Advertise

Blogs, when done right, are free advertising for your brand. It’s the one place where you can set up your soapbox and talk about yourself until you’re blue in the face. It’s expected. A blog can be your greatest advocate; it can shout from the rooftops, “look at what we’re doing!”.

Other advertising channels need to conform to a format and a setting. A blog can have as many marketing twists and turns as you want. You can play around, experiment with new ideas, but ultimately still advertise at the same time. Best yet, if you find something that works on your blog, it’s simple to refine it into an overreaching marketing campaign that crosses into other channels.

Blogs Build Trust

The more you explore your business, the more trust you build with your customer base. A blog is a place to build your voice, build awareness, and build transparency. It should put people at ease. They should get a sense of your business, from your culture to the individual people behind the scenes.

When you build trust, you make it that much easier to engage your audience. When your clients believe you are both credible and trustworthy, they tend to listen to what you have to say, and even want to actively support your efforts as a business owner.

If You Build It, They Will Come

A blog is a safe, informed space that invites your customers to learn about you, your industry, and to ultimately feel like they’re a part of your vision. When used wisely, they’ll expand your digital real estate, give your business personality, and increase the momentum of your marketing. 

At Envision Marketing Group, we can even step in to build your blog into a rich space of industry-leading authority and engagement, just ask us.

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