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In 2017, a majority of your market is using social media to connect. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are just a few examples of what people are using to take in information. Whether it be new places to eat, the best shops to check out, or an upcoming event to attend, social media will be the number one place that people get this information.

Facebook has any demographic you’re searching for all on one website. Posting enticing and appetizing photos and videos of your dishes will get viewers to want their own taste. Post your weekly deals and sales to draw in the bargain shoppers. Users can share your page or any posts to further branch your business to the public. You can also link your businesses website and contact information onto any social media you decide to use.

Getting on social media can help your customers develop a stronger relationship with your company. Customers can leave ratings along with their personal experiences on Facebook that you and even other users can see and respond to. This can benefit you both in promoting the business and giving your company constructive criticism on building a better service or environment.

Instagram and Twitter continue to rise in popularity among the younger generations. Does your restaurant have an unbelievable menu? Get some pictures taken of your best dishes and get those photos onto consumers’ feeds. “Hashtag” (#) your photographs to get exploring users onto your account. Use Twitter to post share-worthy food photos and videos so that viewers share them with friends, further increasing your followers and food fanatics.

People reach to social media for new places and services every day. Putting your business on these popular apps and websites will get you more business than you thought possible with a simple hit of a button.

Envision Marketing Group can not only help you in creating social media accounts, but can get you started on content people will want to see! Our team of social media professionals will set your business up with the proper social media channels and grow your audience in no time. Give us a call today to get started!

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