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Kathryn Duff

Web Designer
(413) 525-3247 x133

Kathryn is our southern transplant from Kentucky playing a dual role as a web designer and an account manager. She earned a bachelor degree in Mathematics from Morehead State University in 2016 and naturally she used that degree to pursue a career in design.  For three years, she worked as the head of the Marketing & IT department at a thriving furniture store headquartered in Lexington, KY.  During this time, Kathryn’s extensive knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite and WordPress served her well — she was the administrator of 5 websites and created over 500 commercials!

Outside of work, Kathryn continues to flex her creative brain by painting, crocheting, and designing houses on The Sims.  She also loves to spend time watching sports, updating her vinyl collection, and playing with her dog, Frankie.

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