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westfield air show

The 104th Fighter Wing Open House in conjunction with the Westfield International Air Show took place on Saturday August 12 and Sunday August 13. Envision Marketing Group worked closely with the 104thFighter Wing to assist them with marketing strategies to promote the Air Show.

The first step in the marketing process was to create a logo that would define the Air Show. Envision Marketing Group’s Art Director Marcie Jorgensen worked for many hours to create the logo.

“I wanted to create an icon not a logo, something that looked like a patch that someone from the Air Force would be proud to wear,” she says. “This icon would eventually be used on the official website, posters, and banners for the air show. I wanted to create something that truly said ‘A Century of Air Power.’”

Once the logo had been created it was time to build the website, Facebook page, and Instagram account to keep all spectators informed about the performers, sponsors, exhibitors, and special offers such as the Eagles Nest Chalet & Flight Line seating.

The account manager assigned to this client, Tom Ludemann, was rewarded for his marketing efforts when he was offered a ride in one of the GEICO Skytypers. The team flies six SNJ-2 aircraft which is the Navy’s version of the Texan T-6 WWII training plane.

“The Air Show has been the largest client that I have had in my marketing career,” he says. “Not only has working on this project been a fun and rewarding experience, but it has taught me so much and has put my skills to the test. The Thursday before the show, I was able to hop a media ride in a GEICO Skytyper. Growing up flying with my Dad, who is a private pilot, I was super excited for this experience. I found that flying in the SNJ-2 to be a flash back in time, hearing the large radial engine roaring and flying wing tip to wing tip with the other Skytypers. Camera in hand, I snapped as many photos as I could and also was able to capture some video footage.”

During the weekend of the Air Show, the Envision Marketing Group team was there for both days. The team updated the social media accounts to keep the public informed about traffic and parking, as well as posting pictures of the performers in almost real time.

What started with a small meeting a little over a year ago turned into a successful event with approximately 92,000 attendees!

Check out Tom’s Flight in the GEICO Skytyper! Check out Tom’s Flight in the GEICO Skytypers!

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