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When designing a website, there must be flow, appeal, a call to action, and of course a solid color palette. In this article we won’t get in too deep about the function of your site but more of the actual appearance and design. Of course, a better layout will help your site and increase SEO rankings but the main focus of this article will be about the overall appearance and mood that your site creates.

  1. Layout

In the modern world, we read left to right, top to bottom. This means that our eyes have a certain instinct to look top left before they look anywhere else. Many website designers will take advantage of this innate looking pattern by putting the most important information on the top left or top right, such as the company logo or information on how to contact them. Another important factor in the layout of your site is placing the information “above the fold”. This term refers to the fold in a newspaper, significant stories and headlines are placed above the fold so that the reader will be drawn in without having to pick it up and unfold it. The same concept applies to your site; your viewers shouldn’t have to scroll down or navigate through pages in order to find significant content.

  1. Color Scheme

Some businesses or organizations may already have colors associated with their brand, in that case, stay with those colors and own them. If you do not have colors already associated with your company think wisely and read on because we are about to discuss the different moods and emotions which colors evoke and how these colors can play into your site.

Red is the most intense color. It has been shown to increase blood pressure and speed respiration and heart rate.  The red stimulus is physical, raising our heart rate and making it seem as if time is passing faster than it is.

Yellow is similar in the fact that it can raise energy levels but its stimulus is emotional, not physical. With the right tone of yellow you can portray confidence and optimism, too much of it or the wrong tone can do the total opposite so be careful of yellow.

Blue is the color of peace, tranquility, and comfort. It is a great color for companies providing financial services since the blue will make viewers feel the stability and reliability. Blue does the opposite of red in that it lowers your blood pressure.

Black is associated with power, elegance, and originality. Notice how the main color of this site is black, giving it a more classic look and allowing the font to flourish more naturally, as well as the red which pops more and adds that needed energy boost.

Colors are like sounds; they all evoke emotion and can be a recognizable symbol of your company which cannot be replicated. At Envision Marketing Group, we will work with you to find the right colors for your company. We will discuss your logo design and branding colors, and guide you in selecting the right colors for your business or industry.

  1. Overall “Flow” of the site

After learning about layout and color scheme you should be ready to start building your website. But an important thing to keep in mind is that all of these concepts affect each other. So before you start building your layout think about what colors you have in your palette and decide where they will all fit. Overcrowding or using too many colors will make your site seem messy. It’s about finding the right balance. You really want your website to have a “flow” to it. From one page to the next, the layout and colors should be symmetrical and exact. Navigating through the site should be seamless and visitors of your site should be engaged. Videos, pictures, and interactive visual design elements should be included where ever seems appropriate. Just remember not to flood your site with too much or else viewers will be lost.

So now you’re ready to design your site. Choose your layout and colors wisely as they will decide what font appears the best and more importantly, what mood your visitors are going to be in. At Envision Marketing Group, we specialize in website design. Or team will assist you in the entire process of choosing a layout, picking colors, and even help write content for your site! Call Barb Perry at 413-525-6661 x135 and discuss your website with the experts.

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