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Does your company have exciting news to share? A fundraiser coming up that needs to gain attendance? Accomplishing these tasks for your projects will no longer be stressful with Envisions useful guide on media planning.

The Audience

What kind of individual are you trying to reach? What’s their age range and level of educational experience? These kinds of questions seem personal but it’s necessary when it comes to creating a strategy to successfully market your service. Knowing how your audience operates will give you and your team an advantage when planning. The more specific your target audience is, the better.

The Message

Clearly establishing objectives at the start of the media planning process will help define success for your media campaign. Make specific goals about how you want your audience to react to your message. How you showcase your brand is important to how your audience relates to your service. Create a defining image for yourself and your service. What you want to communicate to your target audience can seem like a daunting task but with excellent audience awareness your message will have a huge impact.

The Right Platform

Determining where to begin your media campaign is an important next step in developing your project. Your message can be so well crafted but without the right channel, your audience may miss you completely. Look into previous media campaigns launched by your company, what received the most responses from your audience, and which received the least amount of responses? Be prepared to adjust your release to a different platform if necessary. Technology is always changing which means switching out the old with the new. Determine where your audience is heading and meet them there!


Throughout your media campaign it is essential to keep track of the progress and setbacks that your project endures. Keep a timeline of your project to follow its growth and exposure to your audience. Compare previous media plans with your current plan for noticeable changes in reach and success with platforms. No one enjoys failure, but it offers the greatest lessons and will offer invaluable help to future campaigns.

Leave the stress of media planning to the experts; Envision Marketing Group will design a thorough media plan for your business. Our skilled team will analyze your business to properly prepare a media plan that is right for you. Check out our services at or give us a call at 413-525-6661.

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