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Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2022

In marketing, time moves at lightning speed, so it’s more important than ever to forecast for the future. So as we start off the new year, we will attempt to predict the incoming marketing trends of 2022. Sure, there’s always plenty of fleeting stuff out there, but we’re looking for innovative marketing that is both new and has staying power.

With that said, here’s what we predict for marketing in 2022. As everyone continues to recover from the pandemic, as the paradigm of office work shifts for many of us, and as the way we engage with people evolves, the changes in the way we market have never been felt so hard!

You Can’t Just Sell it, You Gotta Own It

Today, highly successful businesses aren’t just selling their goods or services (or advertising them) and calling it a day. No, the modern business seeks to be an authority in their industry, whether that’s product-driven or service-based.

Sourcing your own unique content (or having a marketing firm work alongside you) is the primary means of this adherence to thought leadership. What does this look like? A substantial presence on LinkedIn and frequent, smaller posts on your social media platforms on your expertise. How do you “own your industry” as puts it? Credibility, authority, and presence must converge.

Introducing: The Hybrid Event

One thing we learned thanks to the pandemic, is what our collective threshold is for staying indoors. Turns out, it’s pretty high, and while the urge to step outside is strong, many of us don’t mind keeping things on Zoom.

The hybrid event was born of necessity but is here to stay. What does that look like, exactly? It’s an event with an engaging in-person component (think of the old-fashioned way of actually dressing up and going somewhere) with a just-as-important digital component for those of us that want to attend, but don’t want to physically mingle. These types of engagements will not go out of style, and the better you are at adapting this strategy, the better your standing will be with client engagement.

Influencers, Algorithms, & A.I.; Oh My!

You might have heard of the influencer. You know, it’s that person that, inexplicably, has over a million views on every single piece of daily content they put out into the world. Like it or not, the paradigm of “status” has shifted greatly and the new celebrity has emerged as an almost entirely online-only spectacle.

These people make waves, but the internet is an almost ceiling-less platform of popularity. How do you get the ear of one before the big brands swoop in? As we move into 2022, algorithms will be built to scrape social media platforms to find these people before they trend big, allowing you to send over your product or offer your services on the ground floor, getting some of their meteoric popularity in the process.

The Last Cookie Will Crumble in 2023

DIGITAL MARKETING new startup project MILLENNIALS Business team hands at work with financial reports and a laptop

If you haven’t heard, Google has announced that they will officially cancel the cookie in 2023. This means that our primary way of tracking internet behavior (and delivering relevant ads) will go away with it.

There is a myriad of ways to replace the cookie. However, the most tried-and-tested one is organic social engagement, thought leadership, and first-party tracking such as surveys and newsletters. What do all of these components have in common? You’ll have to find ways of genuinely engaging your audience; that’s not entirely bad.

Marketing Firms Will Get Personal

As the paradigm shifts to more organic content and engagement, marketing firms will, too, become more invested in their clients. That means becoming personally invested in the individual successes of their clients. After all, our client’s successes are our successes.

This could look like cross-posts on a firm’s social platforms about a great product or service provided by a client. It could also be as simple as word-of-mouth. This personal approach is something we already do, so we’re happy to be ahead of the curve. To us, vouching for your clients like they’re a part of your team is a no-brainer.

2022 is All About Authenticity

The theme we’re seeing here is authenticity. Authentic, genuine marketing has one great byproduct; it has to be true, and you have to be legitimately excited to share it. As your audience becomes increasingly more informed about the world around them, it’s that much easier for them to see through hokey marketing.

The more real you are, and the more you react to the times you’re in, the more engagement you’ll receive. It really is that simple. If people want to engage with you from home, then set up a hybrid event. If you want your audience to understand why you’re the best, then actually be the best, and tell the world with thoughtful articles on your social platforms.

Most of all, use the tools you have as much as possible. We’re not just talking about algorithms (although, you need to start doing that, too) but your voice, your expertise, and accepting the feedback you receive in the process. If all of this seems challenging, it’s because we’ve never faced an audience this intelligent and this concerned with genuineness.

Let us help you cultivate your message and navigate these new ways of engagement. We’ll help you find your voice, and make sure it stands out from the crowd. 

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