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How You Can Use Digital Marketing to Power You Through COVID-19

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The time is here, businesses are going to have to become more reliant on digital marketing to come back from the effects of COVID-19. In many cases, a business’ digital marketing strategy could be the determining factor in whether they make it through these tough times. 

States across the U.S. are starting to set limits per government to shift day to day business to be done remotely and online. Many local businesses will need to get creative and set goals, potentially offering e-commerce options on their website or  through software like Zoom or Skype to continue with business.

Many companies that rely on networking, face-to-face interactions and word-of-mouth referrals to build their business and customer base may be less sophisticated in their digital marketing strategy. There are also the companies that are now finding themselves not able to hold an event that is the majority of their income throughout the year.

While there’s no way around this reality, digital marketing is one way to push through the tough times.

There’s a number of ways that digital marketing can play a role in your strategy. From digital advertising, to social marketing, content marketing, SEO and more, digital marketing will help you adapt to this new way of doing business. Even those companies that rely on introductions and getting to know one another to foster relationships can utilize digital marketing. Throughout this uncertain time, your prospective clients are going to be less open to the idea of bringing you in and shaking their hand. Therefore, you’re going to need a digital way to connect with your prospective clients and work collaboratively. 

Another major benefit to digital marketing is that it’s measureable.

Business marketers can easily obtain a good picture of the return on investment (ROI) and which tactics are generating the highest number of leads. Despite these uncertain times, we can be certain digital marketing will be a well-spent portion of your budget. From frequent website updates, to getting an e-commerce site or online ordering up and running, to social media campaigns and SEO to reach new audiences, digital marketing is now a must in your strategy. It’s no secret that this will be a challenging time for businesses that aren’t able to discover a new way to operate and replace what’s been lost.

Digital marketing professionals have a pulse on where your customers can be found online and can give you advice on whether your social pages could use a refresh or a more innovative approach. 

Amidst the chaos, there is a window of opportunity here. The benefits and opportunities that digital marketing offers are vast and they will be able to play a role in your plans long after this crisis is over. The long-term value of digital marketing will be evident, even as the world eventually gets back to normal.


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