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Creating a Good Brand Image

This Is A Photo Of A Car Representing An Example Of Branding

Much like viewing the exterior of a home or finding love at first sight, a good image will make a good first impression. Of course, there’s more to a brand than what’s seen on the outside. A lot goes into forming a respectable brand image, whether it be the creative elements, media presence, company culture, the values and vision of the brand, or even the presentation of the store and employees. The bottom line is that consumers are not just buying a product or service, rather, they are buying what a brand stands for.

Top 5 Components of a Good Brand Image

1. Perform a Brand Audit

The first step in improving your brand is to perform an audit. A brand audit is an analysis that outlines your brand’s current performance in relation to its goals and helps you to look at the big picture. Celebrate your strengths and opportunities and work to mitigate your weaknesses and threats. How do I stand out from the competition? How do people perceive my brand? How can I do better? All these questions in mind are important to address when evaluating your brand as a whole.


2. Be True to Your Brand

Your company culture defines how people view your company. Does your brand align with your values and vision? Are you authentic and unique? Do you deliver value to your customers? Take a good look at your brand by articulating your company image and goals. To really win consumers over, you must make a good effort to be transparent with your brand. Inform and remind consumers of what you have to offer and how your brand stands out from the rest. Be straight up and genuine, but avoid overstating, as it comes off as overbearing. By simply articulating who you are and what you do well, consumers will hear your message succinctly.


3. Design Concept of the Brand

The creative elements of a brand is what gives your brand a personality. When creating a design scheme for your brand, it’s important to appeal to the target market while capturing the essence of your business. What colors and graphics best match your brand? Do the elements flow throughout your website, ads, cards, etc.? Are you using quality photography and clear imagery? Each of these elements will help to create consistency throughout your brand, and will better resonate with consumers.


4. Updated Website

Have you ever clicked off a website simply because it was unappealing or difficult to navigate? As a brand, the last thing you want to do is scare consumers away. By keeping your website up-to-date, easily navigable, aesthetically pleasing, and posting interesting and informative content, you can optimize efficiency and keep new clients coming.


5. Master the Media

It’s the 21st century, and there are more opportunities than ever thanks to our technological advancements. Among phones, social media, media convergence, and other technological tools and advancements, you can get your message out faster and vaster, all while building and expanding your brand. This doesn’t mean that you should hop on every media trend there is. Remember, you have a target audience, and that audience may only respond well to certain media outlets. That being said, choose your media wisely in order to maximize your budget, time, and targeted reach.


At Envision Marketing Group, we care about your brand. Whether it be web design and development, creative design, or strategic social media or digital marketing, we will work to create a marketing solution fit for your business. Need help in establishing your company’s brand image? Call us at 413-525-3247 to see how Envision Marketing Group can give you the results you need!


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